$1000 Challenge Final Pitch

TitleWhat are you talking about? Does it have a cool name?012345
TeamWho is working with you? What are their cool names?0678910
ProblemWhat is the real problem you are addressing? What is the pain or the gain? How do you know it’s a problem?01821242730
SolutionWhat is your solution, and how do you know it addresses the problem? How is providing the gain or relieving the pain?01821242730
SOM SizeWhat is the size of the market you think you can obtain and service?0478910
CompetitionWho do you have to go up against?0678910
Business ModelHow do all the various elements of your business model (from the business model canvas) help to address your value proposition?03035404550
Marketing /SalesHow will you market your product? How will you sell the product? What does the customer journey look like?0678910
Three Year GoalsWhere do you think you can reasonably be in three years? How much money could you get this company to make a year?0678910
Ask or DecisionWhat are you asking this $1000 for and how will it be used? Or how will you bootstrap it? Or why did you decide not to do this?012345
Actual PresentationWas your presentation good? Did you practice it? Did you NOT read us information directly from the slide?01821242730
$1000 Challenge Final Pitch