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  1. This is a Self-reflection of “Self- assessment & evidence of learning”.
  2. FIRSTLY – choose 3 best pice of evidence I have gathered
  3. SECOND – MAX 1500words, provides your analysis and reflections about the process of self-assessment that you have undertaken and analyze the evidence you have gathered.
  1. 🚨 You HAVE TO Read Instruction CAREFULLY, STRICKLY follow the Instructions & MarkingRubric [ ATTACHED FILE- “1.instructions- Selfreflection PG~1.DOC” ; “3. RUBRIC PG~1” ]
  2. 🚨 PLS READ every single word in this file – [ 2. AUDITT-MySKill&CapabilitiesPG~1 ]
  • Under the Column of “Pre activity self -rating” =The rate, I gave my self BEFORE the project start.
  • Under the Column of “Post activity self-rating” = The rate, I gave my self AFTER the project start.
  • There are 7 Capabilities in total. I’ve been leaving the comments highlight in different colours under each of the capability, which is starting with “MY STORY”, it includes the what I’ve experienced in this group project. YOU HAVE TO use the information in “My Story” to Complete this Self-reflection.

I will provide a more detailed process for this group project within 24 hours so that you can write self-feedback more effectively.


📌 You HAVE TO reply to my messages IN TIMEATTACHMENTS3._rubric_pg_1.doc2._auditt_myskill_capabilities__pg_1.doc1._instructions__sel

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