Outlining instructions for Critical Analysis (Evaluation)

An outline is your paper and your paper’s organization in a nutshell. Most of you are familiar with the outlining process. This is the format I want you to follow for this course:
THESIS/ARGUMENT: provide your thesis statement here. For an analysis, your thesis will indicate that what you are analyzing (your primary text, in other words) makes a convincing or compelling argument or not.

  • Ground/Reason #1: This will include language regarding logos, pathos, or ethos (for example: Ground #1: The author establishes logos. OR: The author lacks proof of ethos).
    • Quote for support (proving logos has been established, for example).
    • [You may use as many quotes as you deem appropriate in the actual paper, but I want to see at least two for the critical analysis outline before I approve it. I expect that you will be using multiple quotes, but you can choose those as you rough draft.]
  • Ground/Reason #2
    • See note above
  • Ground/ Reason #3
    • See note above

Side notes: Remember that this is just an outline you will follow. The paper must include a full but short introduction and conclusion, and you must develop all body paragraphs per the Paragraph Development Checklist I provided you in “Notes on Writing and Argument.”
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Outlining instructions for Critical Analysis (Evaluation)