Bookkeeping/Accounting/Finance Field


  • Job Summary (10 points): Choose a career or specific job within the Bookkeeping/Accounting/Finance Field that may interest you or you don’t know anything about and want to learn more. The resource links that were provided in Week 2: Content Review, can help you find a job title, or you can “Google it”
  • Type a summary (300-500 words); Include the following information:
    • Job title and description of duties and responsibilities. One example of a common job is “Account’s Receivable Manager”. If you research a CPA job, find a specific position within the CPA field, such as “Tax Manager” or “Senior Auditor”. Note: Just providing requirements for CPA is too general.
    • Required and preferred qualifications (years of experience, education, software skills, other requirements).
    • Search the internet to find an example of a company or organization that has this position. Type the name of company, the position title and description, the salary range and the benefits. Also include duties that will be performed. This section will be a little more challenging to find the data. If you don’t find it in your first source that you searched, try another resource or choose another job. You can use “Google search” to find your data or click the link below and type in your job title to find more information.
      Accounting Jobs and Career Information: (Links to an external site.) Click here to search for jobs and information
  • Type your Source url at the bottom of your summery: Make sure you copy the exact link of the website page you found your information. Typing “”, or “” is too general.
  • Earn 5 additional points: Once you complete and post your summary, you will be able to go back into discussion forum and read other student’s posts. To earn an additional 5 points, find a career summary posted by another student and type a comment to that post about the job. For example, if a student posted a summary about “Accounts Receivable Manager”, your comment could be, “I didn’t realize they needed so much experience” or, “I have a friend who works in Accounts Receivable, I will share this information with her”. Your reply to the original posted job summary must include evidence that you read the complete student post.

Good luck.
How to post your summary:
To post your summary, you can use Word and copy/paste, or type directly into the discussion text box. Do not attach a document to this discussion forum, your response must be typed (or copy/paste from a Word doc) directly into the textbox provided.

Bookkeeping/Accounting/Finance Field