case studies

I will provide the book that you need to read its third chapter later but for now here is the three case studies:
case study one :
1. Role conflict is a constant struggle for Ligua. This conflict is exacerbated by traditional cultural expectations in her community that view motherhood as a full time responsibility. Are Ligua’s expectations unrealistic? What can she do to alleviate her sense of guilt?
2. As a student, Ligua feels like some professors do not expect her to excel. Addition-ally, she feels as if she is being asked to speak for all Latinos any time one of her professors discusses topics such as affirmative action, immigration restrictions, or profiling. Even though she doesn’t want to alienate these professors, she feels that she needs to say or do something. What might Ligua do and why?
3. Which of Ligua’s dilemmas do you see as personal barriers? Which are social barriers? Explain your reasoning.
case study two :
1. Do you agree with Mary’s insistence that her skills, not her extensive body modi-fication, will determine her opportunities in the field of social work? Explain why.
2. If you were one of Mary’s friends, what advice would you give her?
3. Do you think Mary’s problems are due more to personal or social barriers? Explain.

case study three:
1. What do you think is the cumulative psychological impact of Michael’s daily encounters with profiling?
2. What accounts for Michael’s response to his coworkers and his reluctance to dis-cuss race-related issues at work?
3. If you were one of Michael’s coworkers and he shared these stories with you, how would you react? Be specific.

case studies