1.Financial Information:
Begin by introducing yourself to the class, including a few sentences about your educational and professional background and your plans for the future. In what state or country are you located? Feel free to add something about your personality or interests.
Then, after doing the assigned text reading, read the HBR case study Evaluating the Organization: New Earth Mining, Inc. This case study can be located in your custom textbook/case study bundle.
(a). Describe the most important quantitative and qualitative information for understanding this case, and explain where that information comes from.
(b). In your view discuss the three most important information. Provide reasoning to support your views.
2.Company Selection:
You will need to select a company for your foreign country expansion, as well as country to expand into.
Can you use the company some of you have been researching for your MBA studies? Unfortunately, not for this course. The good news is that you’ll have the opportunity to select from three very progressive and forward-thinking companies that have defined their respective markets.
To begin, choose one of the following publicly traded companies:
L. S. Starrett Company.
consider what company you wish to evaluate, the country into which the company might expand, and the specific expansion opportunity. Submit a Word document that briefly lays out your choices.(Watch the https://youtu.be/-05ONHQPxUc)
Note: You may not choose a country in which your selected company has already expanded to. Also, as the U.S. is the home country for these companies, the U.S. may not be selected.

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Discussion: Financial Information and company selection