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For this assignment you will record sounds in your environment and use them to build a collage. Here are the requirements:

  • All sounds must be recorded by you (i.e. you may not use or download samples recorded by other people, or create sounds electronically with software).
  • Your collage cannot consist of one single, long recording but instead (like last week’s assignment) must be made up of short samples (less than 10 seconds or so) or sections of longer samples, combining them into an original collage that reflects thoughtful editing. In other words, if you use a long recording, you must cut out smaller sections of it and re-arrange those pieces in your own way, instead of simply layering the full, long sample unaltered.
  • Total duration must be between 40 seconds and 2 minutes.

About the sounds: They can be any sounds at all, indoors or outdoors. You can record sounds happening in an environment, or you can set the mic to record and make sounds yourself – for example, kitchens have many interesting tools for making sounds!
About recording: This assignment assumes that you have access to a cell phone, tablet or laptop that has a microphone, and that you can either record directly into Soundtrap (either through the browser version or their mobile app) or use another app to record and then import the sound files.
About the collage: Many approaches are possible! You could use sounds to portray a feeling, to tell a story, to create textures or rhythms, or many other approaches.Some people like to start by collecting interesting sounds and then figuring out what to do with them, once they are in Soundtrap. Other people start with a specific idea in mind for the collage, then plan out what sounds to record based on that. The grading criteria are listed below, and within that, many approaches are possible.
As with all the collages from now on, you must also submit a text document in which you summarize the work you did and the main editing steps used. You should also indicate there whether you are willing to have your work shared by the instructor and, if you are, whether or not it should be anonymous.


To earn a grade of Complete, the Sound Collage must meet these criteria:

  • It uses only sounds you recorded yourself in your environment (i.e. you may not create sounds with software or use sounds recorded or created by other people)
  • It is made up of short (less than 10 seconds or so) samples or sections of samples, and builds them into an original collage that reflects thoughtful editing.
  • Its duration is between 40 seconds and 2 minutes.
  • It is accompanied by a written document that summarizes the editing steps you used, and any other information that helps us understand the work you put into it.
  • Both text and audio are submitted by the deadline in the proper format.
mobile applications