By the 1750’s, the 13 British colonies had achieved an identity and standard of living unusual in the Americas. By reading your text and reflecting on lecture and study questions, use Chapters 3, 4, and especially 5, to find and describe some of the characteristics of life in the British colonies. How did the colonists benefit from attitudes that were already a part of the British Empire and its policies? How did some of the beliefs, practices, and opportunities in the British colonies differ from what was going on in the Spanish and French settlements in North America. What would be put in place that would eventually serve s a foundation for the future events of the Revolution and the creation of a new kind of government? Specific Instructions: The text portion of this assignment must be at least 375 words and include an image from the period. Make sure you are following the assignment description and including a strong introduction and conclusion. Font cannot be larger than 12. You must consult at least two sources and they must be listed. Please proofread. Assignments that have too many typos and grammatical errors will lose points. Read rubric for required quality of assignment.


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