Subject   Political scienceTopic   international relations
Paper details This is what my professor wants us to do:

write a paper in which you illustrate at least three effects of the uneven distribution of economic power assets and increased globalization in the world on the lives of the people you are reading about. Support your analysis with material from your reading. Remember, every paper should have an introduction (with a thesis), supporting body paragraphs, a conclusion and bibliography. Good luck and have fun!


1. Your paper should be about five pages in length. 

2. It should be double-spaced and in a twelve inch font with one inch margins.

3. It should be analytical or argumentative—NOT historical or descriptive.

3. In writing your paper, make sure that you have (1) an introduction, (2) a thesis statement, (3) a body with substantial evidence that supports your thesis, (4) a conclusion, and (5) a bibliography. 
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