You will produce of a short ‘guide’ based around a clinical and professional skills topic. There will be a bank of options to choose from. One of the following topics should be chosen: Mobiles Neonatal unit. What learning outcome do I have to meet? 2. Apply knowledge and skills to a range of clinical and professional skills, commensurate with the stage of clinical education What do I need to do to? The following points must be included, otherwise expect to get a referral: Make sure you include one topic (and only one!) You may focus on one element of these topics for instance for Mobiles NNU If you do choose to do this then please state your intentions in your introduction If you write anything that could be deemed as unsafe practice e.g. moving a patients c-spine in the trauma situation To get a good grade, try to include the following: The recommended structure is: Title page Contents page Introduction – This explains the purpose of the guide relating to the area under consideration (including references) Main body (you may want to include elements of the following. Doesn’t have to be in this order or used as subtitles) I Communication – both patients, colleagues and other healthcare professionals Team working Infection control Radiation safety (patient, staff and public) Patient safety/ care Manual handling Patient positioning (if relevant) Equipment used Conclusion References Relevant Images, diagrams and tables to be included. This is a good way to reduce word count if you are struggling. Words in tables will still be in final count. Try to refer to them in the text (e.g. use Figure 1- more guidance will be given in assessment session) Try to use images that are of good quality and support the information in your text. Try to ensure your presentation is coherent throughout. You should try to use the same font and colours. Make sure you use correct terminology throughout the booklet, abbreviations or slang will not be considered as appropriate. This should be written to level 5 standard – this should include critical writing

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