For this assessment, you are to assume the role of a qualified communication professional, who has been hired by the client organisation who has a problem with staff absenteeism and has not been able to identify the cause. You are to conduct a Communication and Ethics Audit to identify the causes of their problems and other relevant issues. As such, you are to submit the report to the client from this perspective, not from the perspective of a student submitting to academic staff. This will be further explained in the report writing seminar in week five along with guidelines on structuring a business report You are to undertake a critical analysis of the case from a communication perspective and submit the results of your analysis in a business report format. You are encouraged to identify as many key ethical and communication issues as possible and link them to relevant theoretical concepts taught in the course. Your links to course content should be restricted to the content of current lectures and relevant readings from weeks one to six. Your writing style should be in the passive voice. You will find helpful information on report writing and case analysis on the course website on Moodle. The required referencing system for this report is Harvard author-date, in text referencing with a Harvard style Reference List. No other referencing system should be used. Please note that you are required to supply a Reference List, not a Bibliography. That is, your Reference List must show the sources of your in text citations only. 

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