January 2013: Anna has recently graduate from Dorset University. She was the top student in her year, and is now taking an MSc at Dorset University. Dorset University has recently been given funding by AstraChem, a major producer of flu vaccines. to investigate the link between flu vaccine and weight loss. AstraChem had received a number of reports from GPs that obese patients who had received the flu vaccination had found it easier to stick to their diets (and had a lost some weight as a result) in the weeks after getting their vaccination. Anna’s Professor invited her to join the team working on the research as the basis for her dissertation.
September 2013: As a direct result of Anna’s research work a direct link was established between the flu vaccine’s active ingredient and appetite suppression. In her regular reports to AstraChem,she described her results.
October 2013 AstraChem are delighted with the results, and invite Anna in her vacation, to be an intern at AstraChem to help them develop a commercially acceptable tablet form for the active vaccine ingredient, which they intend to patent. Anna works with the AstraChem team who are successful in formulating a tablet that works well in tests to achieve the desired results

  1. Anna asks advice (i) on the patentability of her work and (ii) ownership of the patent for the tablet, if granted


  1. How would you advise Dorset University if the AstraChem drug, based on Anna’s work, turned out to be a huge commercial success.


  1. How might your advice differ if in December 2013 Anna, who is a member of the Academic Society of Chemists offered a paper to the A.S.C upcoming conference in Hawaii. Anna submitted an abstract based on her work, in which she described how she isolated the active flu vaccine ingredient and some of the data illustrating its success as an appetite suppressant.

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advice on the patentability of her work