Leadership and communication in Project Management

Paper details:

Project management is regarded as multifaceted activities where project manager needs to be an effective communicator and leader for motivating and allocating tasks to the team and manage the complex relationships with a diverse group of people such as stakeholders, clients, and sponsor. The success of the project not only deals with the technical project management competencies for project conceptualization, execution, and delivery but also the ability to lead the team effectively and simultaneously managing diverse stakeholder and sponsor relations through effective communication. Lack of communication among team members can lead to project chaos as it promotes redundancy in task accomplishment and reporting and also managing the client relationship for effective delivery, feedback and client satisfaction with the project deliverables. Similarly, lack of leadership can have a significant impact on building an effective team, conflict resolution, negation process of project resources and the long-term sustainability of the project. Most project success and failure can, therefore, be attributed to the aspects of both communication and leadership of project manager. In this individual paper, students are required to discuss the inherent relationships between communication and leadership and their impact on project management.


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