1. Discuss the PICO(T) question and why this topic was of importance. PICOT question is “Can the use of alternative pain management lessen the use of opioid in patients with chronic pain on Medical-Surgical Unit floor? 2. Provide a history of previous and current clinical practice or guidelines. 3. Discuss the research process used to locate the best-published evidence regarding the PICO(T) question. Summarize the findings from the five resources (used in your evaluation table and/or new articles). Include information regarding the design/method, the sample and the setting used in the research, what was measured, the type of data analysis and the findings from the study. Describe how each research study would or would not be beneficial in developing your recommendation for policy/policy change. Please use theses 5 articles: Curtis, M. J., Bond, R. A., Spina, D., Ahluwalia, A., Alexander, S. P., Giembycz, M. A., … & Lawrence, A. J. (2015). Experimental design and analysis and their reporting: new guidance for publication in BJP. British journal of pharmacology, 172(14), 3461-3471. Glowacki, D. (2015). Effective pain management and improvements in patients’ outcomes and satisfaction. Critical care nurse, 35(3), 33-41. Ljungqvist, O., Scott, M., & Fearon, K. C. (2017). Enhanced recovery after surgery: a review. JAMA surgery, 152(3), 292-298. Nimmo, S. M., Foo, I. T., & Paterson, H. M. (2017). Enhanced recovery after surgery: Pain management. Journal of surgical oncology, 116(5), 583-591. Unger, J. M., Cook, E., Tai, E., & Bleyer, A. (2016). The role of clinical trial participation in cancer research: barriers, evidence, and strategies. American Society of Clinical Oncology Educational Book, 36, 185-198.

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