Each student is required to compose an original research paper that assesses a traditional Native American culture in chronological terms, examining the changes that one particular tribe went through during various time periods. You may choose any tribe within the ten North American Culture Areas, except those listed on the attached document. Your paper should reflect, but not itemize, elements of the Culture Outline Format. This format is located in the Cultural Assessment link below. The research paper must be typed (12 point font), double-spaced, with reasonable margins, and 7 full pages to 10 pages in length. Using a minimum of five sources, at least two of which must be primary sources, the paper must offer content and interpretation, not simply a regurgitation of facts. Your Cultural Assessment is worth 100 points and must be submitted through the Cultural Assessment portal by 8:00 AM, Monday, September 30. Each paper will be analyzed through UniCheck, an anti-plagiarism tool, so please be sure to use only your own words. The Cultural Assessment is worth 100 points (25% of your grade). NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

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