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Question 1 (27 marks)
Using the information provided in the scenario described below, create part of an event table using the template shown below.
Event Use Case
Note: When naming an event, ensure that you state who the external agent is e.g. Customer
cancels an order or Time to produce pay slip for employee.
Vinvl is an e-business that acts as a clearing exchange for both purchasers and vendors of used vinyl records.
For a vendor to offer records for sale, the vendor must register with Vinyl The vendor must provide an address, telephone number and an e-mail address. A vendor can list records for sale on the system. Information required includes all the relevant information about the record, its category, its general condition and the asking price. Purchasers can search for records by title, artist, category, and keyword.
When purchasers decide to purchase records, they must open an account with a credit card to pay for the purchase. When a purchaser makes a payment to purchase a record, Vinyl sends an e-mail notice to the vendor; marks the record as sold and maintains this as an open order.
The vendor sends a notification to both the purchaser and Vinyl when the shipment is made. After receiving notice of shipment, Vinyl maintains the order in a shipped status.
At the end of each month, a cheque is mailed to each vendor for the record orders that have been in a shipped status for 30 days. The 30-day waiting period is to allow the purchaser to notify Vinyl if there is a problem with the purchase e.g. the shipment does not arrive or if the record is not in the same condition as advertised. The purchasers can, if they want, enter a service code for the vendor as an indication of how well the vendor is servicing record purchases.

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