the dissertation is to focus on measuring the impact and fast growth that discount retailers such as aldi and lidl have had on the uk consumer. the study is focussing on there recent rapid growth in the last 5 years. and what brought on the sudden growth of these companies. the research paper should look closley as the results that have been gathered through a detailed questionnaire that was conducted in the north of england. and how consumer preferences have changed from the big 5 house hold names eg tesco and morrisons etc and the shift towards the discount retailers due to there low cost pricing strategy
the stuy should be pragmatic in its approach to analysing the data and establishing a clear discussion and accurate interpretation of the results and data.
there should be detailed discussion regarding what brought on there growth and a detailed insight into what has caused this ( the financial crisis, year on year growth in food prices, the ever increasing cost of living , people wanting to feed there families at the most affordable price, salaries not increasing )

the use of graphs , tables and statistics should be used as much as possible
as well creating a hypothesis as to what provoked there sudden success a rise to power in gaining market share that the influence aldi and lidl as discounters have now gaining new businees due to there low prices

. the methodology
Overview of the study
Restrictions on sample
Sampling technique
Statistical treatment
Ethical considerations
References must be made to the relevant theory analysed in the literature review to justify your approach.
Clear focus on research topic.
The Methods chapter has outlined why the quantitative approach is the most appropriate to use for the research and in particular how it has been conducted. The use of content analysis has also proved to be an effective and consistent research method for investigating the research questions
Descriptive data analysis
Cluster analysis
Factor analysis
Means comparison
Multivariate analysis
Regression analysis
Correlations analysis

results and analysis of quantitate data
Presentation and analysis of results
Figures and tables present the data
The text describes what the data are showing by summarising the key observations and the main trends
Comment briefly on the results where necessary, but leave detailed interpretation for the Discussion section……………….
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An investigation into the impact discount retailers have had on consumer in the north of england
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