Part 1: Write a three pages essay: Analyze Pleberio’s final speech in the book and write a clear and structured essay with a good thesis. It would be a good idea to indicate if we can learn something nowadays from this last speech. It is important that you choose anoriginal title and that you have a strong and original thesis. Once you have the thesis you need to support it in a structured manner. The way you are going to support your thesis should appear in the first two paragraphs of your paper. After you have provided the guidelines in the first or first two paragraphs of your paper you should structure your paper according to the guideline that you have provided at the beginning. Part 2: Please, make sure that you answer ALL THE QUESTIONS in a clear and structured manner. 1. Why is the character of Lucrecia important?2. Analyze the relationship between nature and feelings before and duringthe last meeting of the two lovers. Make sure that you provide textualsupport.3. What does Melibea regret the most when Calisto has just died? What isthe message that she is sending to modern readers like us.4. How would the last speech of Melibea before committing suicide goagainst the traditional rules of Courtly Love?5. On page 191 Melibea indicates that Celestina “for her part, she came tosee me and dug my secret love out from my heart.” How could this fragment be interpreted?


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