Question 2 – Chapter 2 Morphology
“Words are an important part of linguistic knowledge” (Fromkin, Rodman, & Hyams, 2014, p. 33). Consider the material covered in chapter two of the text, and address, “What significant ideas did you learn about morphology in chapter 2?” Be sure to incorporate specific key concepts from chapter two into your response and underline and bold these concepts to identify the concepts used. I will be looking for your ability to show that you read, understood, and can explain significant ideas from chapter 2.
Chapter 2 Key Concepts
grammatical category or syntactic class
prescribe vs. describe
content words/open class words
function words/closed class words
monomorphemic words
free morphemes
bound morphemes
back formations
compound words
pullet surprises
My expectation is that you have read chapters 1 and 2 in full prior to formulating responses to these
questions. I am looking for your understanding of the material. Do not plagiarize any part of your
responses from the text, from another student, or from any other source. This assignment assumes that
you will consult the text. No additional research is expected. Quoted material or paraphrased material
must be cited in text. Keep in mind that you are required to use quotation marks, cite the text authors,
and provide the page number(s) any time you use three consecutive words from the textbook. Also,
because you are demonstrating your understanding of the material, use of quoted material should be
kept to a minimum. Assuming that the textbook is the only source used, you do not need to add a
reference page for Content Based Assignments.
Students sometimes are uncertain how to format their CBA essays. Two areas of concern involve:
(1) identifying information at the top of your essay; and (2) how to show separation between the essay responses. To clarify, on the first page of your content based assignment, in the upper right hand corner, provide ONLY your name and abbreviated assignment identification (as follows in the example). You do not need to provide the course name, the date, an essay title, etc. This will allow maximum space to convey your ideas. Following your name, skip a line, and begin your first response. Also, in all Content Based Assignments, if there are multiple questions in the assignment, number all responses as numbered in the assignment. Include and indent paragraphs where needed. Here is how it would look for all CBAs:
Alex B. Smart – CBA 1
1. People are born with many natural abilities. One area where these natural abilities is
seen involves the knowledge that native speakers possess. (Then finish essay one and when
you get to the next essay, skip a line, number the next response, using paragraphs as needed.)
2. The second essay is numbered with a number 2 in front of the paragraph as seen in this
example. This way, I can see where the individual responses are, but you still can show how you
have organized your ideas through the use of your paragraphs. Then, finish your essay response and
follow space limits for your responses.
Essay responses must be typed, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, standard margins (unjustified), black ink, in APA citation format. All papers should be well written, thoroughly proofread and edited, well organized and appropriately formatted. See the “Guidelines for Written Work” on the course syllabus.
Length: Each response should be limited to two pages maximum, for a total of four pages maximum.
Due Date: Content Based Assignment 1 is due no later than Tuesday, 9/15/20, at 11:59 P.M. in Canvas. I will accept papers early, but not late under any circumstances.
Answer question 2 to your best knowledge in apa format