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Many online graduate classes place emphasis on the textbook-related assignments, with practical application as a secondary benefit to the textbook learning.  Consequently, course assignments are designed to assess how well you studied the concepts in the book.  The conventional wisdom for such courses is seen in the aphorism, “knowledge is power.”   Some time ago, I came to realize that concept is somewhat flawed.  Knowledge is potential power, and that power is only of use for human beings when used.  Thus, I have found that a more correct version would be “applied knowledge is power.[point 1]

Our course was designed with this updated version of “applied knowledge” in mind.  In this course, we focused on applying the core IB concepts in the textbook to the researching of the two papers, the same IB research used in the Harvard Business School.  Additionally, this is the kind of IB research that is used by many large corporations considering entering new markets. 

The textbook was not intended to be the focus of our course – rather it was the tool to provide background and context for the applied knowledge gained in the research project. [point 2] The Discussions were designed to help prepare you for discovering and evaluating research for the nation you selected. The discovery and evaluation aspect of the text was to provide a framework on which to properly evaluate both the quality and appropriateness of the references to be used in your paper. You were then directed to review the assignment instructions, with the intent for you to create a substantive graduate-level writing of your papers.  By completing the papers you will demonstrate the application of advanced knowledge regarding global business – supported by the empirical evidence as learned in the textbook and shared in the collaborative learning Discussions.[point 3]

Isn’t this how it works in the real world?  We are faced with a problem, and then find out (through research) what needs to be done to solve the problem.  The quality of our solution depends on the quality of information (research) we find.  We gather some information ourselves, and collaborate with others to gain additional information we may have missed.  High success problem solvers know this, and spend the necessary time in research and collaboration prior to formulating a solution.

How does all this relate to you and our course?  We will be remembered for one of two things on the job: the problems we create and the problems we solve.[point 4]  Successful problem-solving requires carefully defining the exact problem to be solved, then breaking the problem down into questions to investigate what is needed to solve the problem, then deciding what is important to include in the solution.  By now you have experienced the above as the analytical framework deployed in the course project.  The specific problem to be solved was, “What do we need to know about doing business in another culture?”  The research questions allowed us to investigate and report on the nation selected.

Only about 13% of the USA population has obtained a graduate degree.  By the time you complete your studies with us, you will be in the top 13% of the USA population in terms of educational attainment!   In general, as a person with a graduate business/leadership degree, you will be perceived by many as having a higher-level of problem-solving skills, when compared to the other 87% of the population.[point 5]  This course was designed to provide a framework for higher-level decision-making, within the context of Global Business.  My hope and prayer for you is that you are able to apply this framework wherever you go (domestic or global), and that this analytical tool is a blessing that leads you towards success.

Any student who professionally and substantively responds to this posting will have bonus points added to their final project