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The following scenarios describe observed phenomena. Independently, pick one of the scenarios and then answer the questions that follow.

      • SCENARIO A (Human Biology): Previous research shows that some human populations living at extremely high altitudes have larger lungs. Research also shows that at high elevations the oxygen concentration in the air is lower, and people in these areas are at risk of not getting enough oxygen. Generate a hypothesis about why people in high altitudes have larger lungs.
      • SCENARIO B (Forensic Anthropology): Previous research shows that, in humans, the pelvic opening tends to be wider in females than it is in males. Generate a hypothesis about what causes this pattern in pelvic openings.
      • SCENARIO C (Primatology): Previous research shows chimpanzee males form stronger alliances with one another than do chimpanzee females. Research also shows that adult chimpanzee females often split up and go to different areas to feed during the day while adult male chimpanzees spend more time together during the day.
      • SCENARIO D (Paleoanthropology): Previous research shows that Neanderthals successfully lived in extremely cold environments during the Ice Age in Europe. Research also shows that toward the end of the Ice Age and around the time that humans (Homo sapiens) moved into Europe, Neanderthals quickly became extinct. Generate a hypothesis about what caused the extinction of the Neanderthals.

The Questions

  1. Generate a hypothesis about what causes the observed phenomena in the scenario.
  2. Describe the type or types of data you would ideally collect to test this hypothesis.
  3. Describe what hypothetical data might support the hypothesis – for example. “The hypothesis would be supported if we found data that indicated _______.”
  4. Describe what hypothetical data might cause you to reject the hypothesis – for example. “The hypothesis would be rejected if we found data that indicated _______.”
  5. If you rejected the hypothesis, how would you refine and rewrite your hypothesis to account for your findings and begin again?


❗️Only one post is required.


  • Please focus on quality over quantity; you do not need to write lengthy replies in order to achieve the goals of this assignment.
  • Your initial answers need to only include a few sentences per question; your peer review should be about 5-10 sentences in total.
  • Keep your responses scientific; rely on the lab manual to support your arguments and ideas



  • The ideas in your response must be your own. Do not take ideas verbatim from any “study” or plagiarism websites.
  • You’re always encouraged to tie in elements from other readings or lessons. If you incorporate ideas from our lectures or other readings, please remember to properly cite the source in-text. If you need help with citations, please refer to Purdue Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.).

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