PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTION (they are very detailed)
This assignment is a outline and draft
Topic is:
Legalizing Marijuana (MUST USE)
Two part Thesis: (MUST USE)
Although not legalizing marijuana consumption is a powerful first step into decreasing crime, effective traffic safety, promoting public health, and increasing teen educational accomplishment in our society, stricter laws on marijuana use including age restriction and penalize marijuana users responsible for criminal activities will work as well. (MUST USE THIS TWO PART THESIS) (It has already been approved).
Uploaded for you:
Outline Template (MUST USE Template provided) for outline (Argumentative)
Sample Argumentative Essay Outline (So you can understand what is expected)
Argument Essay Prompts In this assignment,
• A Clear Opposing View
• A Clear position To write this essay you must provide:
• Two separate lines of reasoning to the opposing view
• Research to support each line of reasoning (example, testimony, and fact/data, or any combination) that supports each opposing view
• Two separate lines of reasoning to support your position
• Research to support each line of reasoning (example, testimony, and fact/data, or any combination) that supports your position
Final Draft Essay Requirements This assignment requires a two-part thesis:
• Statement of the opposing view • and your position
The assignment also requires:
• A minimum of three credible outside sources formatted on a source page (MLA, Works Cited)
MLA Formatting
• MLA citation style
• Minimum of four (4) FULL pages not including the Works Cited page
Writing Tip #1 This Argument Essay is a Classical Argument Essay aimed at both arguing the author’s thesis and refuting the opponent’s thesis. It is NOT a Persuasive Essay, where the purpose is to persuade without necessarily arguing against an opposing perspective. The difference is that an argument essay tries both to persuade and refute against an opposing view. With this in mind, you should not choose a generic issue that has no credible opposing view – like “energy conservation” – for a Classical Argument essay. One can try to write a persuasive essay that makes an appeal to a reader to conserve energy. But unless you can find a credible opponent with an active agenda opposing your appeal (“We should NOT conserve energy”), then you cannot write a Classical Argument essay. Writing
Tip #2 It can be helpful to look into current legislation under debate everywhere from your city council, state legislature or even at the federal level. But be careful with large issues. Students often like to take them on, but they can be too unwieldy for a short assignment like this.
Create an outline using the outline below as a guide. Papers submitted that do not meet the requirements will be returned to you ungraded.
Please Note: a “one sentence summary” is the same thing as the first sentence in a normal summary, i.e., author, title, source, and “main point” of the source.
Requirements • Be sure to:  Choose the position you agree with and argue that position using the following:
• Two separate lines of reasoning to the opposing view Each line of reasoning will support your position with research (example, testimony, and fact/data, or any combination) that supports your position; and  Research about the opposing position’s views
• Include a two-part thesis with: Opposing view; and Statement of position (Done)
• Develop an enticing title that implies your position. (Legalize Marijuana… Of Course, Why Not?)
• Use a sympathetic appeal and/or cited research in the introduction to establish the issue.
• Avoid addressing the assignment directly. (Don’t write “I am going to argue about…” Instead, introduce the issue in a more compelling way that makes the reader care.)
• Your voice should be professional and scholarly.
• Package your source material with appropriate signaling and commentary.
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Argumentative Essay Outline/Draft