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I need support with this Earth and Space Exploration question so I can learn better.

instructions are attachedATTACHMENTSconceptmap_seds___sed_rx_corrected.pptx

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Assignment: Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks Conceptmap Worth: 4% added to Test 2 Due Feb 13 at PM@ 5 PM Due: Feb5 19 A Conceptmap helps to absorb new information by displaying recently learned terms and concepts in a “map”. The map shows how the concepts are related. In this exercise, you will create a Conceptmap for Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks. Instructions: • Study Slide 2. The Conceptmap has • To the right of the Conceptmap, gray blocks that need to be filled in with the correct term blue blocks contain terms you learned in the Minerals lesson • Click and drag the blue blocks to their correct location in the gray blocks • WARNING: There are 16 blue blocks but only 13 gray blocks. • This means there are 3 blue “distractors” – incorrect answers. They don’t belong in the Conceptmap! • Remember to save your completed Conceptmap in


Assg’t Conceptmap Seds & Sed Rx
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