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See attached PDF with the case about John Henderson.
In APA Format write a 1 to 2 page analysis of the case. Start the case with an explanation in your own words of what the case is about. Additionally, in your analysis, include what you think should be done with Henderson.

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Case Overview—Case B In August, John Henderson submitted a résumé to the human resource department of Big Time Computers Inc. in response to an advertisement in the local newspaper for a senior technical writer. After a short interview process in which three of the four individuals on the selection committee felt that he should be hired, Laura Conroy hired him. Henderson spent a three-week training period learning departmental methods and procedures, becoming familiar with Big Time’s products, and preparing for his first writing assignments. As a senior writer, Henderson was also expected to serve as a technical publications project leader for one of Big Time’s product groups. During the training period, Henderson attended project meetings to meet the employees from other departments who were involved with that product group and to