The main purpose of using cloud computing is the easy and fast conversion of information between companies, as well as portability convenience. With increasing demand for the availability of only one source source from updated information, cloud computing became more and more technical. Many companies have started implementing these technologies in their infrastructure. The cloud computing service is divided into 3 levels: the platform as a service (IaaS), Service (PaaS), and Software (SaaS). To successfully run the cloud service, there must be a proper and efficient connection between the cloud service provider and the company. Govindar Rao, Akbar R. And Sun K. (2018) analyzed the infrastructure of information systems on cloud computing processing. Cloud computing has become a new technology, which stores data and makes the path available worldwide. This increased data was made possible to move from any part of the world without mobility and security considerations. He will redefine the relationship between information technology and information systems, eliminating dependencies


Auto-scaling in cloud computing
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