Automatic Coffee Vending Machine

2-4 pages
I want you to make a search about the Automatic Coffee Vending Machine and cover all the requirement.
We need to find the problem statement and the background of this machine. The goal of the problem statement is to lay the foundation for the project. It should give the reasons why the machine is being undertaken and motivate (but not describe) the benefits of it.
Two questions to be considered:
1. Who are the stakeholder groups? That is, who is or will be most affected by this project?
2. What is the current situation of each stakeholder group without this project? That is, what is the problem being solved?
Does not talk about what the stakeholders want (Requirements and Specifications) or how to implement what the stakeholders want (Design Approach).
Solely focus on what the current situation is and why this machine is needed and/or interesting.
there must be a reason for its existence. use the problem statement to articulate why.
• Background is any information needed to understand the problem. This includes, but is not limited to: • History • Previous attempts at solving the problem and current solutions, if any. • Other similar, related work
• Note: don’t forget to cite the sources for this information.

Automatic Coffee Vending Machine