Task 2
A report observing academic conventions of 2500 words on issues covered in the first 5 lectures and independent research aligned to the lectures and tutorials.
Assessment Task 2 is due online by 9pm on Friday 1 September 2015
Address Either Topic 2

  1. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) involves trade negotiation between the United States and 11 other nations throughout the Asia Pacific region. The TPP, and how it has been negotiated, is highly controversial. For some, it is considered a “sellout” to multinational corporations that may have far-reaching negative effects on many societies while others suggest the TPP will grow economies, create jobs, reduce trade deficits, and establish stronger ties between trading nations. Based on your research conduct your own assessment of the benefits and limitations of the TPP.

Task 2 is worth a possible forty (40) Marks

  • assignment 2 using the following structure:

–Title Page
–Executive Summary
–Table of Contents
–Body (addressing assessment criteria as laid out in the Course Profile)
–Recommendations/  Implications
–Reference List

  • TPP •

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benefits and limitations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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