Paper Topic: Biomechanics in practice


Read the following :

Mitchell Forster, a top order batsman and slips fielder, had to withdraw from the Australian Cricket Tour of India in 2014 due to a recurrent hamstring injury. His most recent acute injury occurred during while running to field a ball and then throwing the ball to the wicket keeper. The Australian team physiotherapist described this most recent acute injury as an exacerbation of severe proximal/high hamstring tendinopathy. An uncertain prognosis for the return to play was reported by the physiotherapist.

This requires you to present a Powerpoint presentation of 12 slides (Three main headings; for each main heading you should have four subheadings) with attached notes of 200 words per slide (excluding the references that will be below the 200 words). These notes are the notes that you would use to present the presentation and are to be in dot point form and fully referenced. The pictures have to be referenced as well.

The design of the slides should be:
1. Simple
2. Limited bullet points & text (On the slide)
3. Limited Transitions & builds (animation)
4. Use high-quality graphics (pictures)
5. Have a visual theme, but avoid using PowerPoint templates
6. Use appropriate charts (If needed)

Use in-text reference on the slide and full reference on the notes section. For the pictures in-text reference it has to be neat and small. As for the 200 words, make sure the references are in-text as well. and once you finish writing the 200 words you should put the full references below them.

• Presentation /20 marks: Evidence of independently sourced wide reading from peer reviewed references. Sources of information are properly cited, (APA 6th ed), can determine credibility and authority of the information presented. The references of the 200 words in each slide contain complete information and are referenced correctly. There are no spelling or grammatical or punctuation errors, you adhere to format requirements outlined in the assessment task and meet the slide limits/ time limits set for the task. Visual presentation and is clear cohesive and creative using pictures and text………………….

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Biomechanics in practice

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