Two pages (650-750 words), double-spaced thoughtful response essay to one of the assigned readings.

  1. You must state what the author’s main argument or claim is.
  2. You must share some of the evidence that the author uses to back up their claims.
  3. You must respond to the article, i.e. analyze the claims and evidence
  4. You must connect the article’s premise to other course material and/or a personal experience that shows that you understand the main argument and can connect to a novel situation.
  5. Your paper should be relatively free from grammatically errors, it should be in academic tone/style, and be in essay format with an intro paragraph.
  6. You must cite all references to the article and other course material using in-text citations (author’s last name and page number). No need for outside research or a “works cited” page (unless you bring in outside sources)
  • Choose any article from Unit Two:
  • Sterling “The Five Sexes”
  • Reis “Divergence or Disorder”
  • Seidman “Revolting Against Sexual Identity”
  • Lang “Lesbians, Men-women, and Two-spirits”
  • Blackwood “Culture and Women’s Sexualities”
  • Murphy “Redirecting Sexual Orientation…”
  • Nanda “Hijra and Sadhin: Neither man nor woman in India”
  • Kulick “The gender of Brazilian transgendered (sic) prostitutes”
Blackwood “Culture and Women’s Sexualities”

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