Your recommendations were accepted by AdventureWorks. In this section of the final project, you have been tasked with implementing the necessary changes. You will work to integrate the client-side application with the back-end server, ensuring that data is extracted properly and adding enhancements where appropriate. Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Client/Server Enhancement A. Augment the client/server system so that: I. The client-side application is properly integrated with the server-side database. II. Organizational data is properly extracted from the back-end database. III. Organizational data is properly displayed on the client-side application. IV. Enhancements are added into the client/server system that improve functionality. V. Features of the client-side application and the server-side database are adjusted to ensure the integrity of organizational data. B. Finally, validate that adjustments and enhancements made to the client/server system are working properly. 

Building An ASP.Net Server