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This week we will look at Chapter 3: Building Blocks from the 2010 ADA document. Page 104

You will carefully go through all the sections of this chapter –

301 General 141

302 Floor or Ground Surfaces 141

303 Changes in Level 142

304 Turning Space 143

305 Clear Floor or Ground Space 144

306 Knee and Toe Clearance 146

307 Protruding Objects 148

308 Reach Ranges 150

309 Operable Parts

The assignment includes a presentation and case study for each section of this chapter. Your case study MUST HAVE the following –

1- Image of an example for section 302 – 309

2- Hand-drawn diagrams/ sketches for section 302 – 309

3- The floor plan/ sections of your case study buildings. You will mark each section’s requirements in the case study building you are studying.


.Here is a youtube video that can be helpful for this week’s content – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF7et0KQ3rg&ab_channel=U.S.AccessBoard

Requirements: PowerPoint   |   .doc file

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Building Blocks from the 2010 ADA document.
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