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The case is “Impossible Foods” by Jose B Alvarez and Natalie Kindred, Harvard Business School, March 26, 2020, 36p. Item # 9-520-046.WHAT YOU NEED TO DO

You will see that I have started a new post and put in a question(s) to start off the conversation. The questions are noted below as well.

Think through your response to the question. Use the details in the case as well as the concepts, tools and frameworks we are discussing in class to compose your response. Be sure that you are providing not only an answer to the question, but supporting that answer with details from the case, just as if I was to ask you “how did you get to that conclusion from the material in the case”.As a guideline on length:

Your own post: No less than the equivalent of one single-spaced pageor four to five paragraphsWord count at least 700.



You glance at your inbox and see that it is from Pat Brown reminding you of the senior leadership team meeting this coming Friday afternoon. Brown has asked that you come prepared to talk about what direction(s) you think Impossible Foods should take of the options on the table – or to propose an alternative that has not yet been considered.

Should the firm focus on scaling the organization with its current products? Build out its infrastructure and corporate resources? Diversify into new products and/or new geographic markets? (If so, which countries and which products? Do both simultaneously?

Impossible Food’s commitment to market leadership and innovation meant that there are so many opportunities open to the company. Is the company headed in the right direction? Where is the most value creation likely to come from and in what form?Are there issues and risks not being addressed? What and where should Impossible Foods focus its investments? And how much should it let a possible IPO shape its decisions?ATTACHMENTScase_reading.pdf

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