Create a clear, purposeful and audience-aware business report about an investment in The Cruise Industry 

Create a clear, purposeful and audience-aware business report. You are the vice president at a major hedge fund. The company wants to invest in the cruise line industry. Write an investment memo (report) to the CEO specifying the industry as a whole. This memo should focus on the three largest companies (Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Carnival). This memo will be focused on the Cruise Line Industry. This business report should be clear, concise and informational. Remember the audience is an intelligent Hedge Fund manager. Incorporating visuals and key statistics and data is very useful (ex hedging opportunities etc..). However, this must also be easy to read and not become boring for the audience. DO not make this a persuasive argument. THIS IS AN INVEStMENT REPORT/MEMO ABOUT THE CRUISE INDUSTRY. Things to remember: Very briefly summarize the topic/purpose of your report Visuals can often convey information more powerfully than text can. Three general rules to keep in mind for visuals: Locate the visual near to the text it supports Use a visual that is appropriate to your purpose Confirm the accuracy of the information in the visual (basically proofreading) Format: – The use of white (i.e. empty) space should be strategic and is very helpful in reports – Use headings to break up your text, this is crucial to separate ideas. Overall should be informative but structured in a manner that narrows down the information

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