Choose a business, whether real or hypothetical, in the high-technology industry for your research paper, and create an integrated strategy so the business can take advantage of CRM, SCM, and ERP. Discuss how your business utilizes the integrated strategy to create a competitive advantage. Begin with an introduction to the company and a clear thesis statement. Use the principles set forth in the Unit VII Lesson and textbook (Chapter 8). You are required to use the textbook and at least one other reference or trade article from the CSU Online Library. For more successful searching, try using complete phrases rather than just the initialisms CRM, SCM, and ERP: “customer relationship management” “supply chain management” “enterprise resource planning” Remember to enclose each of those phrases in quotation marks before you search. That extra punctuation tells the database to search the phrase as a complete unit and not just as individual words. Your research project must be written in APA format and be at least four pages in length. You must include a title and reference page. The title and reference page do not count toward meeting the minimum page length. All sources must be cited and referenced properly.

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