Latureae is a health and wellness company with a difference, bringing wellness to everybody.

Latureae was established in 2000, at the start of the new millennium which, the firm believes, was a great sign for a bright future in wellness. With a national manufacturing, distribution, and an advisory arm and a strong culture for education and customer engagement, Latureae is well placed to service the wellness needs of all Australians. It develops products and services to deliver a natural approach to health, based on in-depth expertise in vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutrients.


Strategic organisational objectives are to:

• become a leader in the market through new innovations and product development

• maintain employee skills levels to grow the skill base through training and mentoring

• contribute to sustainable development, health and welfare of the communities we operate in

• maintain competitive edge by increasing market share.

Operational objectives– over the next 12 months:

• Generate a 15% growth in revenues and earnings with a sustained marketing approach.

• Reduce employee turnover by 25% by introducing a new employee assistance program.

• Increase online sales volume by 15% in the next 12 months by increasing/developing social media campaigns.

• Reduce packaging use by 20% over the next 12 months.

• Examine and redevelop data management to take the business forward into the next 5 years.

Who are we?

The following organisational chart details the hierarchical make-up of the Latureae company.

Latureae-BriefingDoc.docx 2 September 16, 2018


Our main corporate customers are supermarkets, specialist health food stores and health care professionals who work with patients and clients to maintain wellness. We also have an ecommerce income stream for more mainstream products which don’t need as much professional support.

We serve around 100,000 customers every week and value every single one. We know they have endless choices about where to spend their health dollar, we must work hard to reward their loyalty.


We work with local and national suppliers to gather the most sustainable, raw ingredients with the integrity required to maintain our high production standards. We have over 2,000 suppliers currently with different levels of organic status and supplier accreditation.

What’s in our future?

According to Startup Health, a leading New York City-based accelerator and networking platform, 2014 was dubbed as “the year digital health broke out”. A record year for funding with $6.5 billion invested in new healthcare ventures, a 125% increase over 2013. bubble/ Accessed 14/9/18

CEO – Edward Karing

COO – Oscar Seng

CFO – Francis Kipi

Receivable Payables Payroll

CMO – Mark Fung

Head of Sales – Santos James

Supermarket clients Retail clients

Production Manager –

Percy Ramos

Development team Procurement Quality

Head Customer service – Cat


Supermarket clients Retail clients


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