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Gestalt psychology emphasizesQuestion 1 options:observable, objective reactions.the introspective technique.emotional causes of behavior.the basic human tendency to organize our perceptions.Save

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Suppose that you are writing a paper about cognitive processes in people who are depressed. Which of the following topics would be most relevant for your paper?Question 2 options:Observations of social interactions between people with depression.The effects of vitamin supplements on the activity level of people with depression.The ability to remember people’s names of people with depression.The relationship between childhood experiences and current adjustment in people with depression.Save

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John is reading his Cognitive Psychology textbook. He notices that his stomach is grumbling, but he thinks, “I will finish this section of the chapter and then go to lunch.” John’s thought illustrates the cognitive process of _______.Question 3 options:pattern recognition.memory.imagery.decision making.Save

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Which of the following statements is correct?Question 4 options:A reflex such as a knee-jerk reflex is an example of cognition.Cognition refers to the acquisition and retrieval of knowledge, but not the use of that knowledge.”Cognitive psychology” is sometimes used as a synonym for “cognition.”Cognitive psychology emphasizes mental processes that are easily observable.Save

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A cognitive psychologist who analyzes a cognitive task in terms of a series of stages—like the way a computer operates—is using which of the following approaches?Question 5 options:the information-processing approachthe introspection approachthe gestalt approachthe parallel distributed processing approachSave

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Suppose that you meet a professor who is trying to determine what portions of the brain are involved in trying to recall a word that is on the tip of your tongue. This person is likely to use the approach ofQuestion 6 options:artificial intelligence.cognitive neuroscience.gestalt psychologybehaviorism.Save


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