The Grand Parade (Aug 3rd) is free if you attend along Lakeshore Blvd ( Starts 9am. The King and Queen Competition (August 1) is $25+, 7pm Allan Lamport Stadium. ( Pan Alive (August 2) is $20-25, 7pm Allan Lamport Stadium. ( You will need to attend and take a selfie, and write an analysis. Take 2 photographs at the event–one selfie, and one standard photo of the event itself. Explain how your photos can be understood in terms of THREE of the following: Sontag (the role of the photograph and photographer), Benjamin (Mechanical Reproduction), McLuhan (Medium is Message AND/OR Juxtaposition), Anderson (Imagined Communities), Althusser (Ideology), Aziz (discussion of the Selfie) Scopic Regimes. A good answer will perform form/function (visual analysis) of the photos and demonstrate a clear understanding of the readings. You can choose 3 readings that build on each other to form an answer, or give the ways in which the understandings would disagree. Your report should be independently written, 2 pages double spaced in length and cited properly.

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