This assignment requires you to select a case that demands an extensive discussion of an ethical dilemma. Although the context of health care is recommended, other life situations can serve the purpose of this exercise. Conflicts or themes might include professional/patient/family conflicts; student/teacher conflicts; societal/individual conflicts; professional/professional conflicts; institution/professional conflicts; etc. Each student or group must begin this paper with a specific case. Even if you choose an ethics dilemma that is not directly reflective of a health care issue, it still must begin as a case. Cases should then raise various and complex issues in ethics. Examples include physician assisted suicide; health care rationing, genetics, animal research; issues in reproductive technologies; truth-telling; confidentiality and technology; poverty; affirmative action; environmental ethics; gender, race, and sexual orientation; etc. This is the case to choose: title: Should a Physician Comply with a Parent’s Demands for a Forensic Exam on a 16-Year-Old Trauma Patient? Michelle Bowdler, MSPH and Hannah Kent link:


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