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This paper has two (2) assignment parts. Module 2 -Case Study Discussion and Module 2 – Final Project Choice. They are both no more or no less than two (2) paragraphs each. So a total of four (4) paragraphs in all.

. This course is designed for graduate students enrolled in an endorsement sequence or Masters of Science Program with an emphasis in school-age populations primarily with high incidence disabilities and centers on how to promote evidence-based strategic instruction across general and special education classrooms in elementary and secondary schools. This course also addresses issues related to assessing progress in general education content-area courses, approaches to high-stakes assessments, and methods that lead to the provision of intensive instruction linked to improved academic achievement, work habits, and social adaptation via student acquisition of learning strategies and teacher use of content enhancement teaching routines. SPED 841 covers instructional procedures, curriculum alternatives, and program planning for children and youth with high incidence disabilities who are typically served in a learning center/general education classroom setting. Specifically, as exemplars and teaching models this course focuses on the research-based Learning Strategies Curriculum and Content Enhancement Routines developed by staff at the KU Center for Research on Learning, Universal Design for Learning principles put into practice, and other evidence-based strategies for content acquisition………………………………….

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Case Study Discussion and Final Project Choice
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