Using your Annotated Bibliography/Essay 3 as a starting draft, compose a Synthesis Essay on the topic of “Change Writing/Change Writers and the Psychology of Change” Parameters: 4-6 pages typed, double spaced, MLA format 1 cited quote or paraphrase from each of your 7-10 sources MUST use “Psychology of Change” chapter and at least 2 Ted Talks in addition to other research from our class and that you’ve found on your own. 3 sources must be sources YOU have found on your own. Put the sources “in conversation” with one another, presenting ideas and information gleaned from the different sources to examine how the sources relate to one another on the same theme/topic. Look for patterns, similarities, differences, and offer some of your own opinions so that the conversation among your sources is one that you are participating in. Use quotation, paraphrase, and summary to contextualize your sources and to present what they say on the topic of change writing/change writers/the psychology of change Include a Works Cited page of all sources in MLA format Include a clear introduction that offers an overview of the sources and the points of comparison/conversation. Include a clear conclusion that offers your own opinion on the sources and their ideas. Review this material in addition to other lecture materials in this week’s unit: (Links to an external site.) This essay is due in 2 places — HERE and on the 6.1 Discussion Board for Peer Review. Discussions TedTalks: The Danger of a single story – (Links to an external site.) Ted Talk: Before I Die I Want To – (Links to an external site.) Ted Talk: Ron Finley – A Guerrilla Gardener (Links to an external site.) Ted Talk: Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability (Links to an external site.) “Coming Into Language” by Jimmy Baca (Links to an external site.) Brent Staples – Just Walk on By – Black men and public space Black Men and Public Space .pdf


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