Answer the  4 questions  below, 1. what factors can change genes? Review the essay and pay attention to places in essay where Moalem discusses elements that can change our genetic information. Knowning that our DNA can be affected by what we do, how might we change in behaviours? 2. Introductions do a lot of tmportant work in papers. They introduces the authors, the essays and most important your position or arguments. How does Moalem introduce this chapter? How effective is his introduction? Why would you want (or not want) to open your paper that way? 3. write paper in which you use Moalem’s idea to propose an ethics of eating. How might the epigenetic impacts of food change the way we think about eating? Does the fact that the food changes our genetic code imply that there is a moral dimensions to our food choice? Use your work in Questions for connecting.

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