1. The hero has special parents (king and queen, god and goddess) 2. The hero has an unusual birth (omens and prophesies may announce his birth) 3. The hero almost dies in infancy. 4. The hero is raised in obscurity often by foster parents. Often the hero does not know his own destiny. 5. The hero has one or more special guides who instruct him about his destiny. 6. The hero uses weakness as a disguise. 7. The hero has special powers and often special armor. 8. The hero achieves great victories. He wins battles and rescues people. 9. The hero may marry a princess. 10. The hero however is often attracted to other, inappropriate, women. 11. The hero suffers a major tragedy for which he is responsible. 12. The hero has a unique area of vulnerability – Achilles’ heel 13. The hero dies an unjust death by means of intrigue or deceit. 14. At death the hero is reconciled with the gods. 15. The hero may be taken up to heaven (Mount Olympus) with the gods. Need to pick a mythology character that fits some of these categories. Any sources used need to be credited.

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