For this assignment, this is the final paper for 15 pages, and 4 scholar sources. Explore and research in a China glassware trade company. You need to start from the perspective of an intern who works in the market in China. You can write about doing business with American retail stores. You can also compile specific examples. But you have to start from my perspective so that you can be more authentic. This is also the requirements for this final paper. As you prepare to write your final paper things to make sure you are following the appropriate organization: Abstract Introduction – Needs to include a clear thesis statement and preview Literature Review (refer to: (Links to an external site.) for help) – This is NOT an annotated bibliography so please ensure you check the above link to help assist with the appropriate content and structure Organizational Background – This does not include any research or work examples. This is a background of your organization in terms of history, management structure, your particular team and position overview. Application – This section connects the problem observed with research discussed in lit review by using examples to illustrate the theory in action Conclusion – Includes recommendation based on research and observed problems Reference Page (APA format) Things to remember: – Do in APA format (refer to: (Links to an external site.) for help) – Number of credits determines paper length and number of required sources


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