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This assignment involves a written paper and in class power point presentation on a civil rights topic of your choice that has had and/or could have an impact upon the African American community. You have the right to select a topic that has not been covered in class which may involve an area of civil rights that does not involve race. If such is selected, (such as exploration of the Americans with Disabilities Act), be sure to explore the impact of this law on the African American community.Your topic choice and why;
a. Your topic choice and why;
b. Legislative history of its enactments and current legislation facing the issue;
c. Class of persons such law is intended to protect;
d. Discussion of the challenges currently occurring within the law;
e. Your personal bias, belief and/or opinion regarding the civil rights legislation, its impact upon the identified protected class and upon the African American community.
f. Any current events that you can attribute to the law;
g. Describe personally, if your research changed your civil rights opinion as it may relate to your topic;
h. Proposed future changes in legislation that may improve upon the current law and provide additional protections.

Requirements: 6 pages   |   .doc file

Civil rights question on black studies