PowerPoint Presentation Outline The steps for the assignment are…

  • Choose a disease. My Topic IS Asthma
  • Identify the disease.
    • Classify the disease by use of the Epi Triangle.
    • What is the history of  the disease?
  • Identify 3 different outbreaks of the disease.
    • Describe the date, population, event, Attack Rate (or other measure of effect),how the       outbreak was controlled, lessons learned. 
  • Discuss the risk of the disease in the future.

Presentation Requirements

  • Work and presentation to be completed individually.
  • This should be an  informative and educational presentation (inform about the disease,      educate on how to prevent it)
  • 8 minutes minimum – 10 minutes maximum presentation time
  • PowerPoint presentation approximate 8-10 slides
  • No videos 
  • Written speech to accommodate for ADA will be provided at same time as presentation.
  • All images or figures need to be footnoted on the slide in combination with a References slide 
  • Audience to be considered general public.
  • Presentations to be performed during dead week/finals week.
  • Need one pages speech about the presentation to present.

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Classify the disease by use of the Epi Triangle
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