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The first document in the following attachment is our project instruction, please read it carefully before you start. And you only need to the part that says” experimental Design”, the second document is about our analyzed data. And our two variances have decided already: Filter & customer review ranking, you only do my part, which is filter, please look at the target company website we are doing :…

We suggest to make the filter part turn into a slideable semi-invisible state, so that each page could fit in more product in order to increase each page product display scope.

Please refer to what I said on the top and the instruction document to make my part’s of ppt.

This is the criteria you need to mention :

1. Proposed experimental design and evaluation

2. Advanced knowledge relating to A/B testing

3. Consideration to internal and external validity of experimental results

4. Integrate the full range of principles and theories in relation to variation development

5. Define experiment settingsATTACHMENTS

Write a PPT about a specific part of the project


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