Title of the Paper Begin the paper with an introduction to the topic. Include the identified need and a brief summary of the data that supports the need. Include the relevance of the identified need to community health nursing practice in the introduction. Intervention Describe the planned intervention. Include the evidence-based research that supports the intervention. List the level or levels of intervention that will be used (i.e. primary, secondary, tertiary) and how these apply to this intervention. Resources Describe the resources that are required to both plan and implement the intervention. Include a list of the stakeholders in the identifies need and intervention. How will the stakeholders be involved in the intervention? What financial resources are required to implement the intervention? Include cost for people, equipment, facilities, printing, location rental, etc. Implementation Include a timeline for the planning, implementation, and evaluation phases. How long will each phase take? Include the exact plan for the steps to take during each phase. How many members of community will the implementation address? Evaluation Discuss how the intervention will be evaluated. Be specific. How will the stakeholders know if the intervention was effective? Reflection Reflect on your individual learning from the completion of this project. Reflect should include learning from both Part 1 Data Assessment and Part 2 Intervention You may use personal pronouns (i.e. I, my) for this section of the paper.

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