Each essay should include at least three important quotations.(from the reading I provide) o Quote = exact word-for-word re-typing of a portion of the course reading, that is placed with quotation marks (“ … ”). o Important quote = a quote that directly helps answer one of the listed questions. o Parenthetical citations = the name and page number provided in parentheses after a quote or paraphrase of the text. 


 There should be citations for every reference to a substantial point made by an author. But paraphrased citations by themselves do not count as one of the three minimum quotes. o You may re-use up to 200 words from one of your previous writing assignments in this course in each of the exam essays. • Use standard MLA parenthetical citations o whenever you quote the text or o whenever you paraphrase the text. • Example MLA parenthetical citations o “This is the quoted passage” (Author’s Last Name ##). o “So what treatment do I deserve for being such a benefactor?” (Plato 33L). 


 Don’t use the editors’ names in your citations. Sources • If there is an outside source that you think would benefit one of the answers, then ask me about using it BEFORE writing your exam. • Outside sources are not permitted. • No Works Cited Page needed (since you should only use our assigned course readings. Problem 1) The Highest Ethical Good • Bentham and Kant each have different views of humans’ highest ethical good. o Explain each of the philosopher’s arguments on what is the highest ethical good. o Examine at least one important difference between the two arguments. • Which argument do you believe provides better guidance on how to live? Why? Problem 2) Famine and World Poverty • Singer and O’Neill both discuss the ethical issues of famine and world poverty. o Explain the ethical principles that each philosopher applies to the issue and their most important conclusions. o Examine at least one important difference between the two arguments. • Which argument better addresses the issue of famine and world poverty? Why? The paper should be 1650 words long


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