Write a 500-700 word response comparing Little Richard’s and Elvis Presley’s performances of “Tutti Frutti”. Cover songs were important to the development of rock and roll. Please compare the two versions of “Tutti Frutti”: compare the tempos, the rhythmic characteristics, how the singers use their voices, the instruments used, the form, and any other musical features that you hear. Please be as specific as you can and use correct musical terminology. One way to compare the two pieces might be to make side-by-side charts. f you decide to make a graphic to compare the two versions, you may reduce your text submission to one page. Your comparison of the differences between the two performances should conclude with some comments about how you think audiences might have responded to the two performances, and/or some thoughts on who the intended audience(s) may have been and how this may have determined said musical features & differences. It will be helpful to use our readings as a resource to get you started. Always remember to cite when using other’s words! The recorded performance by Little Richard was released in November of 1955. It made the R&B charts in the United States and crossed over to the Pop charts in 1956. The recorded performance by Elvis Presley was released on the album Elvis Presley in March 1956. The album (but not necessarily the song) was #1 on the pop charts in 1956. A link to each song can be found in the documents section of our Blackboard page. Submit your Response Paper #1 through Blackboard at the assignment portal provided. Required Text: Joseph G. Schloss, Larry Starr, and Christopher Waterman, Rock Music, Culture, and Business, 2012.

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