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Project Description

You can choose from one of the two options for project 1. Both require a practical implementation option, as well as writing a cover sheet for your project. The content of the cover sheet can be found under each option.

Option 1: Designing Turing Machines for realistic CPU instructions

Design Turing Machines using JFLAP(http://www.jflap.org/ (Links to an external site.)) or http://turingmachine.io/ (Links to an external site.) that implement one of the realistic CPU instructions from the below:

  • SHIFT instruction from Problem 5.13
  • Logic AND instruction from Problem 5.13
  • Logic OR instruction

If you chose the instruction outside this range and already started your project, please let the TAs know so TAs can prepare test cases for grading.

The cover sheet should include:

  • Introduce the CPU instruction that you chose and explain what this instruction does.
  • Explain briefly how your Turing Machine implements the CPU instruction.
  • Walkthrough 3 test cases for your Turing Machine. One test case should be discussed step by step: how do the tape, head, and the state of the Turing Machine change in each step. Other test cases can be briefly described: what is the input and output, and does the result match the purpose of the Turing Machine.
  • Feel free to use tools such as diagrams and tables to guide the audience.

Other files you should also submit:

You should also submit the JFLAP or .yml files for your Turing Machine. You are welcome to submit images of your Turing Machine as well as backup.

Requirements: 4   |   .doc fileATTACHMENTS20210126033426instruction__1_.docx20210126041602what_can_be_computed__1_.pdf

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